How Meditation Helps You Lose Weight

By Lynne Goldberg, co-founder of OMG. I Can Meditate! a meditation app  for beginners to learn how to meditate. We’ve all been there; feeling nervous, or anxious, maybe even a bit aggravated.  Maybe we were stuck in traffic, had a bad day at the office, or are having relationship issues.  So we automatically reach for the Ben &... Continue Reading →

Tips for Better Dieting

What's the biggest mistake we can make while dieting? For most, it is making unhealthy decisions when it comes to hunger. If you have ever been hit with hunger pains, being unprepared is not an option when you are on a diet. Take a look at some of these tips and advice provided by these... Continue Reading →

Running In All Shapes

Image Source: Women's Running / James Farrell.Every now and then, we like to feature individuals who have overcome physical obstacles to inspire motivate all women out there to continue reaching there weight loss goals.In the latest issue of Women's Running, plus sized model Erica Schenk is featured on the front cover with the tagline "Run Strong,... Continue Reading →

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