Ways to Stay Fit and Healthy

We are all unique in our own ways which is why the way we manage staying fit and healthy will differ. Until you find a good rhythm that works for your body, it can be difficult knowing how to get there. Let’s begin with some universal tips on successfully getting on track to staying fit and healthy!


Stay Hydrated

We’ve all heard doctors, dieticians and health activists say that drinking enough water daily and staying hydrated is crucial for our overall health and well-being. Although drinking water is essential, what many of us don’t consider are the endless benefits that come from consuming the daily recommended amount or possibly even more. Staying hydrated serves as a natural cleanser for our organs and the digestive system, which ultimately regulate our metabolism  favourable for weight loss strategies. Since we are constantly losing fluids through bodily processes, we must be replenishing it to maintain good health and avoid dehydration, which can be accentuated through strenuous activity and being exposed to warmer climates. Water also aids in the function of your kidneys which can improve cleansing and getting rid of any toxins or waste in your body.


So if you find drinking plain water boring, not to worry  there are several ways to get in an ample amount of fluids. In fact, many foods, including fresh fruits and vegetables that you would not think of, have a high water content. The options are certainly far from just drinking a glass of water. To start, try adding a few slices of lemon or cucumber to your next sip. Furthermore, drinking a warm cup of tea is a great option on those cold days, especially for the added antioxidants!

Get Plenty of Rest 

Getting a sufficient amount of shut-eye every night is imperative for our overall health and well-being. Sleep not only affects our physical and mental health, but also has a strong influence on our performance during the day, as well as productivity. Since the recommended hours of sleep differs according to age, it is important to consider your personal needs as well as overall lifestyle that may play a part in affecting your amount and quality of rest. Just as following a healthy diet and exercise regimen are important for good health, so is our sleep. In fact, primary restorative functions occur exclusively during our sleep including: tissue repair, muscle growth and protein synthesis. An adequate amount of rest simply allows the body to heal, repair and rejuvenate itself things that it cannot do while it’s awake and working.


There are several factors that may impact the amount and quality of sleep we get such as: stimulants like coffee or energy drinks, and exposure to blue light from electronic devices we are constantly on, being smartphones to laptops. Possible long-term implications on our health due to insufficient amount of sleep have slowly been uncovered by researchers and linked to illnesses such as obesity, poor immune function, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. It is no shock that not getting enough rest has adverse effects on our wellness, taking a hit on our metabolism, mood, concentration, memory and not to mention, life expectancy.

Stay Active And Motivated

For many, finding and getting into a fixed routine as well as being consistent with working out that may seem out of reach. Since no two people are the same, neither are their workout regimes. That’s why finding a custom workout routine is imperative. Working out 3 to 4 times a week is a great starting point if you aren’t doing it already. Always remember, any time spent being active is better than sitting around! To stay motivated, simply focus your attention on how you will feel once you finish your workout rather than other things like how you want to look. Don’t be wrapped up around seeing results quickly –– it’s a process!


If you are feeling overwhelmed or unsure of where to start, consider cardio. Cardiovascular exercise helps strengthen the body’s heart and lungs –– the organs that work the hardest to keep us breathing! If you are looking to progress in your fitness journey, be sure to change up your routine every 4-6 weeks to prevent a workout plateau. This can easily be done by innovating your workouts by adding more resistance to make them more challenging for yourself! Overall, the benefits of cardio range from better mental health to physical well-being. So whether you are looking to lose weight, or boost your metabolic rate –– getting active and staying motivated can get you closer to reaching your goal!

Eat Well

Although many people strive to be gym junkies and spend several hours working out, some do not realize that it is in fact equally, if not more important to consider what you fueling your body with. Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet, rich in nutritional value, including essential vitamins and minerals is crucial when you are looking to stay fit and healthy. Taking that step as simple as avoiding processed foods and items with high amounts of artificial sugars can truly be a game changer. Ensure you are eating well-balanced meals such as those that include lean proteins, plenty of fruits and veggies, as well as low-in-fat dairy products.


Consistency Is Key

Whether you are a beginner or old-timer of the fitness game, staying consistent and keeping everything in moderation is the key to a successful and more importantly, healthy journey. Remember to avoid extremes in any capacity. Try to make small changes and adapt to them overtime rather than making too many drastic cuts in your life  this will risk relapsing to old habits!

Losing Weight While Enjoying Your Favourite Summer Foods

With winter slowly coming to an end, patio season is just around the corner, which means cold brews and lip smacking BBQ! Although we love this time of year, sometimes our diets limit us in terms of how much of this season we can truly enjoy. The good news is, if you are already using the Model My Diet App for tracking your weight loss progress, you are probably already following a healthy diet. Study after study has shown that you don’t need to starve, count calories excessively, or forego your favourite foods to lose excess pounds. Barbecues are a quintessentially American pastime; one that gathers friends and family, who enjoy the smoky flavour and aroma of this low-fat way of cooking.

If you wondered whether or not you could still enjoy summer barbecues while on a weight loss program, the answer, is yes –– the secret simply lies in the ingredients!

Barbecues: The Preferred Diet For Millennials


Some diets which are proving equally popular among doctors, scientists, and fitness enthusiasts, are the Mediterranean and Paleo diets. The Ketogenic (or Atkins-type) diet is also favoured by many, owing to its emphasis on a low-carbohydrate, low-sugar way of living. These diets work perfectly well with barbecues, because you can make a selection from a wide range of lean protein sources, fruits and vegetables, all of which taste wonderful when cooked on the grill!

It is common for doctors to recommend both the Mediterranean and Paleo diets because of their emphasis on lean quality protein sources, seasonal fruits and vegetables, and healthy Omega-3 fats. Unlike diets which prescribe specific meal plans, weighing of food etc., the main work involved in preparing for these diets, is the shopping and preparation time they involve. It is easy to get around this by carefully writing down everything you will need for at least a week, and filling your fridge with healthy foods so that you don’t feel tempted to binge on fast food or processed alternatives when you come home from a tiring day.


By chopping up lettuce, vegetables, and other ingredients and storing them in different airtight containers, you can whip up your favourite salad or barbecue side quickly, without having to clean and chop ingredients every day.

Tips for Healthy & Tasty Barbecues

Keen barbecuers know that the secret to success, lies in the marinade. All American states have their own grilling styles and marinades, and you can remain true to your traditions –– as well as try out new recipes, by making a few simple changes.

Take wet Memphis ribs for instance, often made with a sweet tomato-and-vinegar sauce. It is easy to adapt this recipe, using stevia or xylitol instead of sugar, keeping it on the savory side, avoiding unnecessary added sugars. You can also try new recipes for sauces. The Alabama sandwich sauce, a white sauce containing homemade mayonnaise, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, salt, pepper, horseradish and cayenne, can work perfectly well in an Atkins-style diet.


Barbecued dishes, whether meat or veggies work fantastically for Paleo, Keto and Mediterranean diets; essentially, the primary consideration should be taking extra care with the ingredients you use for sauces and marinade. Replace sugar with low carb, natural (not artificial) sweeteners and use them sparingly; serve healthy sides such as salads and barbecued veggies, foregoing rich sauces in favour of simple yet healthy alternatives made with ingredients like extra virgin olive oil, lemon and garlic. The best thing about enjoying a barbecue while on a diet, is that nobody will even notice that anything has changed –– because every bite will taste as lip smackingly delicious at it always has.

Article written & submitted by: Jennier Dawson 

The Must-have Health And Fitness Tracking App

The Newest Way To Track Your Progress 

Simulator Screen Shot - iPhone 6 - 2018-01-19 at 23.26.53Staying focused could not be easier with our latest fitness tracking graphs, available through the Model My Diet app for all iOS users. This newest feature displays a personal weight loss trend throughout your fitness journey, allowing you to keep on top of health and fitness goals and more importantly, to stay motivated!

The tracking graph feature available in the app, provides users a unique visual representation and prediction of when they will reach certain fitness goals. It crunches the numbers for the user so that they don’t have to!

See your future healthy self from all angles –– take progress pictures to keep on track and stay motivated, all while storing them privately within the app. Our newly updated iOS app allows the user to match their personal photos to their progress graphs to better visualize every step along the way.


Simulator Screen Shot - iPhone 6 - 2018-01-19 at 23.14.18

The Model My Diet Experience

Ready to take that first step towards reaching your health, fitness and personal weight goals? Our app makes it easy for you to set manageable goals and stick to them –– all while staying motivated! We understand that everybody’s goals and expectations are different which is why our app features countless options to make your fitness journey just as unique as you are. Remember, there is no such thing as a universally perfect body. With the Model My Diet app, you are able to set personal goals that are tailored to your individual self –– helping you achieve a healthier and happier version of yourself!

Available Features

The tracker app is free, although has in-app purchases available for those who wish to get added features to make their experience that much better! Our application requires iOS 9.0 or later and is compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Here are just a number of the unique features available on our most recent update to the iOS Model My Diet app.


  • Track your daily weight change with daily weigh-ins and weigh-in streaks.
  • Monitor your stats and progress after inputting data such as your height and weight (start, current and goal).
  • Countless personalized options available when creating your own unique model including body shapes (hourglass, apple, pear, etc.), bust size and frame size.
  • Keep things fun with our ever growing fashion boutique which allows users to dress their model –– making it easy to create a mini version of you!
  • 12 hair styles in 6 different colours available to play with which are constantly growing.
  • Personalize your model even further by experimenting with different eyes, nose, and lips to make it as life-like as possible.
  • Integration available with the iOS Health app to merge stats.

Learn More

Model My Diet Inc. is an independent software company focused on helping you lose weight and keep it off! Our blog features the latest trends as well as useful information about everything health and fitness related to help keep our viewers up to date and on top of their own personal health. Since launching our free of charge iOS fitness tracking app, we have gained tremendous feedback which has led us to pack on new and super useful features to it! Learn more about Model My Diet Inc. as well as our Privacy Policy and terms of use. And stay tuned Andriod users for the release of Model My Diet!

The Age Of Making Fasting A Dietary Requirement Has Arrived

The word “fasting” has so many connotations that it’s easy to see why a mental block happens. Hunger is not something that makes you feel giddy with excitement. Thinking about it can easily make you cringe because we need food in order to have energy, right?

Studies conducted in the U.S., using a range of 8 to 107 participants (young, old, obese and non-obese), on fasting have shown an increase in fat loss for the participants. Furthermore, weight loss is determined by how much body fat is turned into fuel. An increase in insulin levels in the blood is known to aid in fat fuel consumption. The human growth hormone that is linked to fat loss (especially when increased in the body) also thrives when fasting is done with some frequency. Other benefits include improvement of waste (toxin) removals in the cells through cellular repair.

Empty plate and kitchen towel

Why Should One Opt For Fasting?

Fasting, or better known as intermittent fasting is proven to be a safer option for achieving the previously mentioned benefits. Done gradually and correctly, it can give your body the boost it needs to metabolize future foods consumed. Additionally, according to Dr. Michael Mosley, the author of The Fast Diet, fasting can ensure that the body becomes an effective fat burning furnace.

Medical Check-up

Most people are already familiar with medical check-ups before, and while fasting, especially when it pertains to checking glucose levels in the blood. It stands to reason that doing a medical check-up prior to attempting the dramatic change of fasting is simply put, a logical step.


Avoid Failure Pitfalls

You might not already be aware of it, but when you sleep or wait between meals without snacking you are already fasting. It is, therefore, safe to assume that your body is no stranger to lack of food. Understandably, you may have some doubts, but you first need to stop thinking about how hard it is going to be.

Small steps are crucial –– start off with just a few hours or by cutting off one of your meals. Take one step further and use plenty of water to help with psychological hunger pangs. Ideally, when you wake up, try intermittent fasting for a few hours before lunch.

Clarity Of Mind Empowers Your Will


Use past experience and knowledge to bolster yourself for the challenge of fasting. You truly do not know how strong you are until you overcome difficulties.

Trust your instincts and truly listen to your body by giving it what it needs and not what you want. Inspirational quotes are further aid on this journey, so use as many as you can until you create your own personal mantra!

Article Written By: Jennifer Dawson

Why High-Intensity Interval Training Works

The Benefits of HIIT

High-Intensity Interval Training (known as HIIT) is a workout technique that alternates between bursts of high-intensity exercise and short periods of recovery or less extreme activity. This type of workout is known to reap the muscle-strengthening benefits while burning off fat, all within a shorter timeframe than traditional exercise routines. A session of high-intensity interval training will push you to reach a high heart rate, as you complete as many reps as you possibly can. For instance, one would sprint for 10 to 20 seconds followed by a short period of walking before repeating intense activity again. This routine will ultimately force your body use more oxygen which causes your metabolism to work at a higher level than normal — allowing you to burn more calories during your workout and even hours later!   

More Time Efficient 

Unlike continuous training that can take up to an hour at the gym, HIIT is great for any busy schedule, as workouts can be done under less than half the amount of time without the fancy equipment. Your options are quite endless with what you can incorporate into your personal HIIT sessions. Anything from running to cycling or even traditional push-ups and jumping lunges, this workout technique can be done almost anywhere at anytime, no matter the constraints!


Improves Your Cardiovascular Health

Since HIIT involves exertion that your body isn’t necessarily used to, you will most likely find your heart trying to jump out of your chest. However, studies have shown that after incorporating a few of these highly intensive, yet brief workouts to your routine, an improvement to your cardiovascular health can be seen in as little as two weeks. These bursts of rigorous activity have also demonstrated enhancements in how blood vessels transport blood through the body, while heightening brain activity. Overall, HIIT is not only beneficial to those who want to lose weight, but also to people who are looking to strengthen their cardiovascular fitness and better their circulatory system, which will ultimately help them to succeed in lasting longer during future workouts.

Boosts Endurance

Along with providing enhancements to your overall health, it’s no shock that high-intensity workouts will boost your endurance as well. This workout regimen will allow you to tolerate higher levels of intensity for a longer period of time which makes HIIT easier to maintain than continuous, low to moderate-intensity exercise. Another huge positive to this type of training is the fact that it’s easier on body joints, which can become problematic for long distance runners in particular.


Easier To Maintain

Unlike traditional low to moderate-training that many people incorporate into their routine, high-intensity interval training will keep you on your toes. Not only are you not tied to fancy gym equipment, but your options remain unlimited in terms of what you can do for intensive activities and where you do them! In fact, many of those who have tried HIIT, end up sticking with it for a much longer time. This is no shock as HIIT leaves you with less time to be bored since you are constantly diversifying your workout routine, all while building up endurance!

Boost Your Metabolism With These 5 Foods

Kick-Start Your Metabolism Naturally

That’s right — you can do your metabolism a favour by simply eating the right foods! Incorporate these naturally delicious and health effective foods into your regimen to help burn off those extra calories with ease. Here’s a list of great wholesome options that allow your body to feel fuller for longer so you consume less calories, all while helping you increase the rate of fat loss during your next meal.


1. Lean Meats

Something you may not have heard of before, known as the thermic effect, shows that your body doesn’t just burn off calories during exercise — it does it while digesting food as well! The thermic effect of food is ultimately the loss of calories experienced while digesting and processing various macro-nutrients. Though certain foods particularly high in fat do not apply greatly to this metabolic boosting effect, proteins and select carbohydrates however, are great food sources that have been perceived to burn a good percentage of calories through the digestive process. As a matter of fact, several lean meats have shown to burn anywhere between 20-35% of their calorie count through digestion. In simpler terms, if you consume 300 calories worth of a select protein, your body will use between 60 and 105 of those calories in the digestion process. Not only that but they are an all-around immense way to help build muscle and strengthen your immune system.   


2. Whole Grains

Shockingly, foods rich in fibre actually require energy to break them down, as oppose to processed foods. As long as you are sticking to natural whole grains like oats, quinoa or brown rice — just to name a few, you will find yourself burning more calories rather than piling them up!

3. Green Tea

We’ve all heard about the tremendous health benefits of green tea however, many of these perks often go unnoticed! This nutrient-rich beverage is filled with a ton of antioxidants known as catechins — with the most renounced being Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG). This compound targets belly fat by aiding in the breakdown of fat cells, releasing them through the bloodstream and making them readily available for energy. EGCG found in green tea has also been proven to help reduce blood sugar levels by influencing the way that glucose is absorbed by the body. Another way that green tea has been noticed to help with weight loss is through its ability to reduce appetite due to its caffeine levels. It’s no doubt that this beverage has impressive health benefits alone however, combining other effective weight loss strategies such as an exercise routine and introducing more protein and less carbs to your diet will show further results.


4. Avocados

Avocados are all the rage for many good reasons but weight loss doesn’t strike many people as being one of them. Despite their low calorie count, these fruits pack a punch when it comes to protein and fibre. They will not only keep you fuller for longer but also assist in melting off that stubborn belly fat! Thanks to their oleic acid content found within the healthy monounsaturated fats of the fruit, avocados help in satisfying your hunger in a healthy way. Studies have in fact shown the benefits of maintaining a diet that consists of high-oleic oils, which include the prevention of body fat distribution specifically around the waistline by dampening expressions of certain fat genes.


4. Hot Peppers

Scientists have in fact unveiled that the compound Capsaicin — commonly found in peppers assist in faster abdominal fat loss. When this compound is consumed, it not only boosts the body’s ability to convert food into energy but it also serves as a natural appetite suppressant. So go on and spice up your next meal!

3 New Fitness Health Trends to Try Now and 2 to Avoid

As human beings we like to go with popular opinion, which is why health and fitness schemes are so popular. It seems as though a new program, diet, or exercise workout pops up on our social media feeds every day. However, not every plan works for everyone! We all need to find the perfect routine that works for us individually.

So how do we navigate the waters of the ever-changing world of fitness and find something that will work for us? Check out this guide to learn about three new health trends that can be adjusted to your schedule, and two that you definitely want to avoid.


TRY – The Mind Diet

Also known as the Mediterranean-DASH Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay, the MIND diet combines two popular diets: The Mediterranean Diet and the DASH Diet. This diet is not only designed to lose weight and stay fit, but also to improve brain health and prevent dementia. Therefore, this regimen focuses on healthy foods such as fruit, leafy vegetables, olive oil, fish, beans, and wine that are known to improve cognitive ability.

TRY – Water-based HIIT

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts have been all the rage in the past couple of years. HIIT burns tons of calories by alternating between quick high-intensity workouts with short resting periods. It is said to highly increase your metabolic rate and help you burn calories faster. However, this year, water is all the rage and HIIT is coming off-shore and diving into the deep end. Many gyms are offering HIIT circuit class trainings in pools to offer more of a workout. Water provides added resistance to high-intensity cardio and maximizes the benefits of HIIT.



TRY – Cruise Control Diet

The Cruise Control Diet is specifically designed for yo-yo dieters, or people that tend to fall in and out of diets. Since it can be hard to follow a strict diet, the Cruise Control Diet has four simple rules as follows: don’t count calories, eat natural foods, avoid processed foods, and enjoy guilty pleasures every now and then. These guidelines make the diet easy to follow and has become one of the highest rated diet programs of 2017. It is not just a diet, but a way towards a healthy lifestyle.

AVOID – Souping

Juicing has become a huge movement in recent years. However, now the trend has shifted towards souping. While souping can be a better choice than juicing, it eliminates key nutrients that are needed to stay healthy. According to dieticians, people on the souping diet miss out on a lot of protein and fiber. It is also difficult to stick to the diet plan as it can be rather boring and bland.


AVOID – Things that Shake

Many people are attracted to equipment that make exercise easier. However, it’s time to face the truth –– exercise isn’t easy! You can’t buy a machine that will simply shake the weight off of your body. The vibrating lap belts and Shake Weights that you see advertised on your television screen are unfortunately a gimmick to make money. Users of these devices report that they did not increase their muscular strength and did not lose weight. You are better off saving your money and investing in a gym. Remember –– before jumping on the band wagon it is important that you do your research to avoid wasting time and money on false fitness fads!


Article written and submitted by: Jennifer Dawson

Embracing Curves and Finding Your Healthy Weight

When people talk about finding their healthy weight, they often mention Body Mass Index or BMI — a measure of relative size based on body mass and height. Medical professionals may use this value as a marker to determine an individuals weight category or a specific weight range that they fall within.


While BMI can be very useful in determining a loose idea of average weight, there are many factors that it fails to take into account, and therefore it shouldn’t be used as the only indication of overall health. Many professional athletes are considered to be overweight based on their BMI since muscle weighs more than normal tissue or fat deposits. Women with larger than average busts also often find themselves on the wrong side of the BMI scale, even if their waist and hip measurements are well within the average for their height, because of the weight of their breasts. So how can you determine what body weight is healthy for you? And when is it time to stop worrying about your weight and accept that your curves are healthy?

Exercise Regularly

The first thing you can do is stop focusing on how much you weigh and start focusing on how healthy you are instead. This means saying goodbye to fad diets and hello to regular exercise. It is better to be fit than thin, and consistent exercise will make you stronger and less vulnerable to viruses that pose threats to your immune system. Traditional exercise will also increase your muscle and bone strength, leaving you less susceptible to the risks of osteoporosis as you age, including the added benefit of making your body appear leaner, even if your weight doesn’t actually change when you step on the scale. In fact, why not throw your scale away and instead of measuring your weight, choose other variables to keep track of? Measure how many hours of exercise you fit in each week or how many of your five a day you eat. By focusing on healthy habits instead of your weight you will live a healthier overall lifestyle. This is particularly important for individuals that have experienced disordered eating or who are prone to obsessive thoughts who may find that looking at the numbers on the scale on a weekly basis is detrimental to their overall health and well-being. 


Eat Right

Although we may ignore the rules now and again, we all know which foods are healthy and which are laden with saturated fats. We also know that we should aim to eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables each day, and that fruit makes a better snack than chocolate. A good way to assess how healthy your diet really is to write down everything you eat over the course of a week. Include everything in your food journal all of those afternoon snacks and every quick pick-me-up from Starbucks. We often think we are eating healthier than we are because we forget to count our small snacks and treats. By writing down exactly what you eat, you will have a clear picture of how healthy your diet really is, and will be able to see where you need to make changes without worrying about your weight. 

3Reassess Your “Normal”

One of the many reasons that women strive so hard to reduce their weight, and to fit into those size zero jeans, is because the media presents the idea that all women are slim, and that women who do not fit this have failed. Not only is this not true, it is ridiculous! Look around you and you will see happy and healthy women that come in all shapes and sizes. Being strong and healthy are better markers to judge yourself rather than just your number on the scale. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be considering weight loss — many of us do have a few pounds to lose to reach our ideal size and shape, and there are changes we can make to our diet and lifestyle that will help us to reach our goals. However, weight loss isn’t the most important target. By reassessing your normal, moving your goalposts to something that is healthy and realistic for your body shape, and accepting yourself for who you are, you will find that you are both happier and healthier overall.


Article submitted and written by: Helen Ulu

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