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The Age Of Making Fasting A Dietary Requirement Has Arrived


The word “fasting” has so many connotations that it’s easy to see why a mental block happens. Hunger is not something that makes you feel giddy with excitement. Thinking about it can easily make you cringe because we need food in order to have energy, right?

Studies conducted in the U.S., using a range of 8 to 107 participants (young, old, obese and non-obese), on fasting have shown an increase in fat loss for the participants. Furthermore, weight loss is determined by how much body fat is turned into fuel. An increase in insulin levels in the blood is known to aid in fat fuel consumption. The human growth hormone that is linked to fat loss (especially when increased in the body) also thrives when fasting is done with some frequency. Other benefits include improvement of waste (toxin) removals in the cells through cellular repair.

Why Should One Opt For Fasting?

Fasting, or better known as intermittent fasting is proven to be a safer option for achieving the previously mentioned benefits. Done gradually and correctly, it can give your body the boost it needs to metabolize future foods consumed. Additionally, according to Dr. Michael Mosley, the author of The Fast Diet, fasting can ensure that the body becomes an effective fat burning furnace.

Medical Check-up

Most people are already familiar with medical check-ups before, and while fasting, especially when it pertains to checking glucose levels in the blood. It stands to reason that doing a medical check-up prior to attempting the dramatic change of fasting is simply put, a logical step.

Avoid Failure Pitfalls

You might not already be aware of it, but when you sleep or wait between meals without snacking you are already fasting. It is, therefore, safe to assume that your body is no stranger to lack of food. Understandably, you may have some doubts, but you first need to stop thinking about how hard it is going to be.

Small steps are crucial –– start off with just a few hours or by cutting off one of your meals. Take one step further and use plenty of water to help with psychological hunger pangs. Ideally, when you wake up, try intermittent fasting for a few hours before lunch.

Clarity Of Mind Empowers Your Will

Use past experience and knowledge to bolster yourself for the challenge of fasting. You truly do not know how strong you are until you overcome difficulties.

Trust your instincts and truly listen to your body by giving it what it needs and not what you want. Inspirational quotes are further aid on this journey, so use as many as you can until you create your own personal mantra!

Article Written By: Jennifer Dawson

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