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Boost Your Metabolism With These 5 Foods

Metabolism as a Medical Health Exercise Concept


Kick-Start Your Metabolism Naturally

That’s right — you can do your metabolism a favour by simply eating the right foods! Incorporate these naturally delicious and health effective foods into your regimen to help burn off those extra calories with ease. Here’s a list of great wholesome options that allow your body to feel fuller for longer so you consume less calories, all while helping you increase the rate of fat loss during your next meal.

1. Lean Meats

Something you may not have heard of before, known as the thermic effect, shows that your body doesn’t just burn off calories during exercise — it does it while digesting food as well! The thermic effect of food is ultimately the loss of calories experienced while digesting and processing various macro-nutrients. Though certain foods particularly high in fat do not apply greatly to this metabolic boosting effect, proteins and select carbohydrates however, are great food sources that have been perceived to burn a good percentage of calories through the digestive process. As a matter of fact, several lean meats have shown to burn anywhere between 20-35% of their calorie count through digestion. In simpler terms, if you consume 300 calories worth of a select protein, your body will use between 60 and 105 of those calories in the digestion process. Not only that but they are an all-around immense way to help build muscle and strengthen your immune system.   

2. Whole Grains

Shockingly, foods rich in fibre actually require energy to break them down, as oppose to processed foods. As long as you are sticking to natural whole grains like oats, quinoa or brown rice — just to name a few, you will find yourself burning more calories rather than piling them up!

3. Green Tea

We’ve all heard about the tremendous health benefits of green tea however, many of these perks often go unnoticed! This nutrient-rich beverage is filled with a ton of antioxidants known as catechins — with the most renounced being Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG). This compound targets belly fat by aiding in the breakdown of fat cells, releasing them through the bloodstream and making them readily available for energy. EGCG found in green tea has also been proven to help reduce blood sugar levels by influencing the way that glucose is absorbed by the body. Another way that green tea has been noticed to help with weight loss is through its ability to reduce appetite due to its caffeine levels. It’s no doubt that this beverage has impressive health benefits alone however, combining other effective weight loss strategies such as an exercise routine and introducing more protein and less carbs to your diet will show further results.

4. Avocados

Avocados are all the rage for many good reasons but weight loss doesn’t strike many people as being one of them. Despite their low calorie count, these fruits pack a punch when it comes to protein and fibre. They will not only keep you fuller for longer but also assist in melting off that stubborn belly fat! Thanks to their oleic acid content found within the healthy monounsaturated fats of the fruit, avocados help in satisfying your hunger in a healthy way. Studies have in fact shown the benefits of maintaining a diet that consists of high-oleic oils, which include the prevention of body fat distribution specifically around the waistline by dampening expressions of certain fat genes.

4. Hot Peppers

Scientists have in fact unveiled that the compound Capsaicin — commonly found in peppers assist in faster abdominal fat loss. When this compound is consumed, it not only boosts the body’s ability to convert food into energy but it also serves as a natural appetite suppressant. So go on and spice up your next meal!

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