5 Simple Ways To Improve Your Diet

Getting started on a new workout routine may be tough but improving your diet doesn’t have to be. Instead of going cold turkey or making drastic changes which is often what many try and fail to stay consistent with, focus on your current regimen and make one small change at a time.

Skip the soda

Swap the soda out for water. If you are the type who finds water incredibly boring to drink, change it up a bit. Add a few slices of lemon and make things even more interesting by adding different berries, or grab some mint leaves from the garden. This will provide the refreshing flavour without any added calories or sugar which soda is loaded with!


Cut down on processed sugar

Find a way to cut down on sugar while still fulfilling your sweet tooth. For instance, ditch the slice of cake and have a bowl of fruit instead. This will keep you feeling energized and provide you with additional vitamins and minerals that you would not get from traditional dessert that’s overfilled with processed sugars and fats.

Don’t cut out your favourite foods

That’s right, don’t say goodbye to your favourite delicacies! Instead, try to improve the amount of control you have when it comes to indulging. For many, cheat days can be an effective way to do so by allowing only small portions of comfort foods  as long as nutritional goals are being met throughout the week.


Keep a food diary

Keep track of your progress by what you consume and how you feel after eating particular foods. This will not only give a better understanding of your personal eating habits but also help you to become more mindful of what you eat in the future. Keeping a food journal for just one week has been proven to help those dieting pinpoint exactly where they need improvement when it comes to nutritional needs as well. It’s also a great help for those who meal prep during the work week, keeping ideas of what to cook organized and can even lower your grocery bill! 


Clean out your cupboards 

Out of sight, out of mind! Do some kitchen cleaning and clear out the junk from the cupboards. Many people find themselves snacking on unhealthy foods because they are simply surrounded by them. Purging processed foods will not only help control your unwanted cravings but also help with future eating habits in the long run.

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