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"I’m Fat, But I’m Not…" The Buzzfeed Video That is Challengeing Fat Stereotypes


Buzzfeed recently released a video called, “I Fat, But I’m Not…” challenges the stereotypes associated with overweight people. In the video you see young individuals discuss how they don’t struggle with their weight. In fact, they talk about how they lead healthier and active lives like any other thin or fit person.

The video sheds light on a growing problem in the fitness and health industry; the image associated with health and fitness today. What discourages a lot of people from starting their weight loss journey is that they associate the idea of being healthy with being thin.

If you type in “fitness” or “weight loss” into Pinterest, or just Google it, you will find a barrage of images showing you how to get the body  of an Olympian or Supermodel. (Like the photo shown here.

 Some go as far as starving themselves trying to reach that perfect body without realizing that the body needs to metabolize in order for weight loss to begin.

One girl from the video put it best that her body does not metabolize fast enough, even though her friends, who are skinnier than her, eat more than her. 

This video sheds light on the issue of fat stereotypes and shows a different side of the health and fitness industry through people who do not fit industry standards. Check it out and let us know if you agree with the message I Am Fat, But I’m Not… is trying to project.

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