This Girl Can and Why You Should Too!

If you have not seen the latest video to go viral on social media about fitness motivation, then be prepared to grab your work out gear, because the people of Sport England have released a campaign that encourages women of all shapes to be active and have fun while doing it!

 This Girl Can not only looks at a variety of women struggling with weight loss, but champions women’s fitness by showing women engaging in different sports activities. 

From spinning classes to Zumba, the 1:30 minute video shows real women enjoying their workout routines with existential fitness quotes over the screen saying, “I jiggle, therefore I am.” capturing the goal of body positivity; acceptance. The video celebrates active women everywhere by showing sweat and struggle of working out with a heavier body.


The campaign even takes a look at the real stories of women who have found salvation in being active. The women in the video are not your typical lean and toned spokespersons that you see from most weight loss fitness motivation campaigns, but instead women who are simply speaking from a very real place like Alice Brazier. “Getting in the pool after a long day really pays off for both body and mind.”

This Girl Can even goes as far as providing a list of activities to browse through (in case an activity like running and yoga is not your thing). The purpose of the campaign is to find fun in whatever activity you choose, because you will reach your weight loss goal faster enjoying yourself. Let us know what your favourite activity is when you want to workout.

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