More Before and After Pictures, More Amazing Transformations!

It is that time again where we reimagine some of the best weight loss transformations found on Pinterest with our virtual models.

 Some of these individual prove that you can overcome your biggest struggle and be confident in who you are. We even included the weight loss before and after picture of one of our users who found success with her model. 

Cherry Mars is probably one of the most successful Model My Diet user. After becoming a fitness coach, she took the time to give us her thoughts on her weight loss journey. Although she had some cheat days, she credits her success to eating healthy and exercising regularly. 

Image Source: Cherry Mars
“I lifted weights mainly and cleaned up my diet. …I cut out out take-out food altogether and reduced my sugar intake. I used the Model My Diet app to keep me motivated. I consistently set myself goals. As a result I now run regularly- preferred distance is 5km and I walk or jog almost EVERYWHERE now (If it is possible). It really has changed my life, because now I am a certified personal trainer” -Cherry Mars
Remember Brittany Wolfe? We wrote a blog post about how she was able to go from 273 pounds to 222! Now her and her model are looking fantastic in their new clothes.

Image Source: Brittany Wolfe

This Pinterest user posted a before and after of her stomach looking toned and lean compared to her former self. The progress she made was over the course of a year and the results show what hardwork and dedication can do for your body. 

Image Source:

This is what your model could look like once you lose 105 pounds! This user is confident in her new body and was not ashamed to show the results. They say strong is the new sexy and this user is giving us nothing but muscular appeal for her and her model.

Image Source:

This user displays what every woman goes through while losing weight: stretch marks. Her battle wounds are a reminder of how far she has come on her weight loss journey. Although her model cannot show the same marks of accomplishment, it can certainly support her for the rest of her journey.

Image Source:

This user was proud to show how fit and active she was after two years of healthy and clean eating. She makes exercising look fun and motivating! We decided to reflect that positve attitude through her model’s active wear outfit, because visual motivation goes a long way in a weight loss journey.

Image Source: Lauren (

This user demonstrates her non-scale victory with this side-by-side of just how much she lost. We can only imagine how happy she feels with her new body. After all, her smile says it all! 

Image Source:

The road to weight loss is still a long journey and maintaining those new bodies still remains a struggle. However, with the right support and proper visual motivation, your life can transform for the better. Weight loss is a never ending journey, so do not give up!

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