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What 28 days of drinking water can do for your appearance.

We all know how drinking water is essential to losing weight, but seeing what it does for your appearance puts into perspective how good water is for you. We have written about the benefits of drinking water for your diet in our previous posts, but now you can see the impact it has had on one woman who was suffering headaches and poor digestion. 

Sarah Smith, found out how beneficial water was for her skin when she went on a 28 day water detox. Drinking three litres of water a day, not only did her skin look clearer and firmer, but as you can see in the pictures below, the shadows under her eyes lightened giving her a natural glow. 

She documented her results with the Daily Mail giving a week by week account of each change that was made that improved her health. Read the rest of her account from the Daily Mail here.

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