Cheat with Dignity on Your Diet: Dining at Amy’s Drive-Thru

 When you are trying to create a healthier lifestyle for yourself, fast foods like McDonalds and Chipotle pose a threat to your transition into weight loss. Unhealthy decision-making is made when we are at our hungriest and unfortunately, these are reliable to provide the wrong kind of sustenance. 

Anyone who has a cheat day knows how easy it is to relapse into the same cycle of unhealthy eating. Now there is hope for our cheat days, because a new type of fast food chain has opened up and it offers organic ingredients.

Amy’s Drive Thru is a new kind of fast-food chain. A vegetarian joint that claims to use no GMOs and offer vegan options for our favorite foods like Mac ‘n’ Cheese or a regular cheese burger!

Check out their menu along with some of these photos and decide for yourself if this is a place worth cheating with.

Try an organic Quinoa salad.
Take a bite out of their tofu “cheese” burgers.

Have you ever seen a vegan Mac ‘n’ Cheeze look so cheesy!

Everyone can find something at Amy’s Drive Thru.

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