July 4th Menu: The healthiest things to eat while celebrating independence.

July fourth weekend is the best excuse to spend time with the family, watch the fireworks, and cheat on your diet. With all the backyard barbecues and potluck cookouts, balancing a healthy meal becomes increasingly difficult when you indulge in all enticing smells surrounding you. Luckily for you, we comprised some of the most delicious looking recipes that are simple to make and pleasing to any diet. This way, everyone can enjoy their July 4th weekend without gaining an extra pound!


Surprise everyone with anyone of these healthier dips from the writers at PopSugar Fitness. These recipes for low fat dips are the right step towards cutting back on the unhealthy holiday eating to maintain your beach body.

Main Course:

Burgers are perfect assets for backyard barbecues. If you are the kind to count calories, maybe a leaner or more vegetarian alternative is perfect for you. Go with an eggplant or lentil burger if you want to alternate from a meat option.



Sweeten your salad with this fruity idea. This watermelon and caprese salad by Nicole Perry from PopSugar will do just the trick! Refresh your taste palettes and get ready for your next meal.

Cold Treats:

Cool down and replenish your body with these cold treats. Not only are they low in calories, but serve as a great guilty pleasure after all that backyard eating. Try a cone full of fruit instead of ice cream and if you still want a cold treat, make your own fruit popsicles.

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