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Helping You Weigh In Daily: The new tool that is going to change your weight loss struggle.

If you have downloaded the latest version of the Model My Diet app, you might notice something different. Aside from being able to pinpoint your current weight by the decimal, you can now track how often you weigh in daily. It makes weighing in more fun and personal.

When one of our key staff members, Eric, developed the tool, he decided to test it out to help his own struggle with weight loss. Eric is discipling himself to get back into shape, only eating 1600 calories a day. He tries his best to stick to his diet, but any man with two daughters and a busy work schedule can find losing weight a challenge.

Like many, he has always struggled with being overweight and is anxious to see the progress of his efforts.  So he has challenged himself by using our new tool to weigh in daily. As soon he gets up, he sees the reminder on the app to weigh in and steps on his digital scale in anticipation for the results. 

At first it can be frustrating to see minimal changes on a day to day basis, but he sees it as a rewarding feeling to be given a star every time he weighs in. For everyday he gets a star, he is motivated to continue forward with his strict diet.

He has even gone as far as changing his food environment; cooking for himself, measuring each portion and calorie intake, and favoring healthy alternatives to his favorite meals.

His love of baking bread and making pizza has been abandoned and instead replaced with his talent for mixing healthy vegetable/fruit cocktails.  

There are many helpful ways to monitor your weight loss. Some dieters go as far as adding beads to a “pounds lost” jar. However, not everyone can carry around a jar of beads to show off their accomplishments. Seeing the amount of days weighed in through stars is a reminder to keep going. 
The biggest challenge is weighing in everyday, but every time you do is rewarding. For every time Eric pressed “save”, he was starting his day with an accomplishment. Eric is now enjoying a weigh-in streak of 47 days with no plans of stopping. 

He attributes his weight loss to checking his weight daily, integrating his fitness apps with the Model My Diet app, and having an incredible amount of energy and will power. As Eric says, “Will power requires a lot of energy”, but with easy-to-use tools, you will reach your goal model’s weight in no time. 

Alyssa, From Model My Diet 

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