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Eric’s Weight Loss Journey


Between the countless hours of work and lack of sleep, our founder and key developer, Eric, from Model My Diet is partaking on a diet challenge of his own. It is very strict and requires a lot of “will power”. It is no specific diet, just calorie counting and focusing on changing his eating environment. 

Like most people who try a new diet, he has always struggled with being overweight. He has his favorite foods like anyone else and his passion for baking his own bread and pizza dough contributed to his weight gain. 

He understands his diet is not for everyone, which is why he embarks on this journey alone. That means cooking for himself and monitoring the steps he takes to improve his lifestyle, which can be difficult for a man of his profession. Sitting for long hours can pose a risk of cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure. A lot of people struggling through weight loss work in positions that force them to sit hours on end. Even as I write this entry, I feel my body fall into this sedentary state. 

So why do it? Why does he subject himself to such a strenuous challenge?

Eric has tried every diet and diet app from My Fitness Pal to Seconds Pro. In each app, he is either counting calories or counting kilometres. 

Although each app helped him monitor his health, it is his will power that allows him to power through. 

Having will power and determination forces him to measure each portion, count every step, and weigh in daily. And as he puts it, “Will power takes a lot of energy.” 

So how does he plan on maintaining his goal?

To maintain his daily weigh-ins, he has renewed his friendship with his digital scale, checking his progress daily. Seeing his progress has given him the courage to abandon his love of bread, potatoes, and pasta; eating more lean meats, fruits, and vegetables.

With a weigh-in streak of 47 days he is well into his goal and his model is starting to show the difference. 

He still gets “hangry” from time to time, but everyday he gets closer to reaching his goal and with 22 pounds left, he will reach it in know time. If not for him, for his daughters. 

Alyssa, From Model My Diet
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