Why Should You Replace Soda With Kombucha?

Last week, we tried our staff member’s recipe for a green apple smoothie and were pleasantly surprised with its natural sweet taste and velvet texture. It was the perfect snack for us to keep up with our day-to-day activities. 

It is easy to lose track of eating and drinking healthy. We value our time, so choosing the right diet means choosing healthy habits that work in your schedule. 

This is why it is important to modify your eating environment in order to adapt to your new healthy lifestyle. Building good healthy habits is the key to modifying that food environment. A good start is finding what is harming that environment.

 For me, it was soda. From its sweet taste to its bubbly texture, it is hard to abandon a soft drink that you were conditioned to love with everything you eat. 

In order for me to come up with a solution to my soda addiction, I had to re-evaluate why I liked soda to begin with; going back to the idea of its sweet taste and bubbly texture. The simple solution was to find a similar drink that also complimented my favourite foods. 

Recently I came across an article talking about the benefits of Kombucha. Kombucha is a sweet tea fermented with yeast and bacteria. Sounds tasty right? Of course I was skeptical, because I had this idea that it was going to be either sour or bitter, or worse that it was going to taste like acid! 

It was not until a friend offered a glass of Kambucha that I realized what all the rage was about. Imagine someone decided to mix your freshly brewed ice tea with sparkling water, that is the taste of Kombucha. Now how does it relate to weight loss?

Kombucha can help you control your sugar intake and help regulate your digestive system, which are some of people’s biggest struggles with losing excess weight; having a functioning digestive tract. 

Like water, it is best to drink at least two glasses of Kombucha 20 minutes before every meal. There are also a variety a flavours to choose from. You can find Kombucha at your local health food store or grocery store depending on the demand of it in your area. 

Most online forums will suggest you to make it yourself and there are kits available to guide you into making your first Kombucha brew. 

Building the habit of feeding your thirst before your hunger is essential to weight loss. By drinking Kombucha daily, just like drinking soda, you can satisfy some of sugar cravings without building up the additives in your body. 

Not only is Kombucha tasty, but low in calories, which will help you maintain your weight loss goals!

Alyssa, From Model My Diet

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