Smoothie of the Day: Green with Healthy

One of our developers and founders, Eric, is best known for losing countless hours of sleep to give the Model My Diet Community the best experience with their models.

Eric decided recently to join his users in their weight loss journey by making a lifestyle change of his own. After experimenting with an array of ingredients  he has come up with his favorite fruit smoothie concoctions to share with the community!  

 What separates his smoothies from the rest?

His green apple smoothie incorporates a different type of green to make your body happy. From Pineapple to Rainbow Chard leaf, his smoothie packs in the minerals without dialling down the taste; making your breakfast healthier than ever!

 See the recipe below to get started on your morning! 


Pineapple, Apple, Cashew Smoothie recipe:
200g Pineapple
1 medium apple
30g Cashew
10g Flax seed
1 Rainbow Chard leaf
1/2 cup Almond Milk

Add an ice cube or 2 at the end of the blend to cool down.
Yields roughly 500ml ~ 600ml and is 420 calories. 

Perfect for breakfast or at anytime!

Don’t have time to cut the ingredients? No problem! Freezer pack your ingredients to have ready daily. 

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