Why Drinking Water Keeps You On The Right Track

What do we know about water?

It is all around us. We are constantly reminded of the importance and value it has in our lives. You can get it bottled or filtered. Some are so lucky to travel the world encountering fresh springs of it. What you do not know are the wonders water does for your diet.

Other than the fact that it can replenish your skin and and hydrate your body, water can improve your immune system and your digestion. 

The more water you drink, the more toxins you can flush out of your body, but how does this all help with weight loss?

Water Can Satisfy Appetite Cravings

There have been plenty of times when you feel your stomach aching and you are about ready to give in to those hunger cravings. 

Although satisfying our hunger becomes top priority when we have those cravings, we should be aware of what our body is trying to communicate to us.

A lot times our bodies are just dehydrated and the craving is not for sustenance, but water.

The next time you feel your stomach ache, drink a glass of water, even if it is before a meal. Chances are are that you will be more inclined to take smaller portions after drinking a glass, thus being able to control your calorie intake. 

Do I really need eight glasses a day?

Although it is recommended that you should drink eight glasses a day, you can calculate the recommended amount that you would need depending on your body type and height.  

If you are still unsure, keep a carafe of water at your bedside or in your kitchen. This will be a constant reminder that you need to drink up.

Having your own water bottle (as opposed to the regular plastic) can also be motivating, because an efficient water bottle has the measurements of what you should be drinking daily.  

Make drinking your own bottle of water daily a fun mini challenge. The rewards can be shown in the info graph below.

Infographic and analysis from www.drinksoma.com.

Water can help reduce headaches, so you will not only see the progress in your skin, but you will start to see a change in your mood for the better!

Water Can Be Tasty and Beautiful

You can dress it up with rose petals, infuse it with mint, aromatize it with lemon, and naturally sweeten it with strawberries. There is no limit to how you can flavor your water with natural ingredients.

 If anything, you are introducing more vitamins and minerals to the body that can help with building the immune system, in addition to expelling toxins. 

It is great cold, but better warm. Warm water can ease the muscle walls in your digestive track allowing you to lose weight faster. It works great with lemon for clearing up wrinkles and blemishes.

So when will you be drinking water?

Before you wondered how you were going to manage eight glasses a day. Now you should assess the best time to absorb those eight glasses.

Drinking at least one warm glass of water in the beginning of the day can help prevent dehydration and fatigue. According to a recent study from Tufts University,  a person’s thinking can be impaired after losing 1-2 percent of their water weight.

So in order to stay active at work and throughout the day, always have a bottle of water with you. Customize your water to your own personal taste, so that you look forward to drinking it regularly. 

Make sure to drink water whenever you feel a little fatigue and hungry, because chances are your body is in need of a little replenishment! 

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