5 Weight Loss Products To Help You Get In Shape This Summer

Summer is creeping up on us and here at Model My Diet, we took a look at some of the weight loss products that have dieters creating their own success stories. They are not guaranteed to make you lose weight, but they do make losing weight fun, motivating, and rewarding. Take a look at the five products dieters are using this summer!

Fitbit Bracelet

The Fitbit bracelet is the latest in health and fitness technology, it is a bracelet that tracks your movements. Simple to use and a great way to monitor your exercise and sleep patterns. Whether you are taking a nice walk or working out with friends, this handy device will track and monitor every one of your movements.

Part of the benefits of using the Fitbit is that it is bluetooth enabled, so you can sync the data with any of the latest smart phones, in addition to syncing it to your computer. Using the Fitbit app on your phone allows you to update and track your progress. What is even more useful is that you can examine your sleep activity and compare it to your daily routines.

A Digital or Smart Scale

We have all seen scales before, the flat square contraptions we place in our bathrooms to weigh ourselves daily. Well, companies like Withings and Eat Smart are trying to make weighing in fun and easy with their line of digital and smart scales. These scales are easier to read and some of them can be synced with your phone or computer.

We frustrate ourselves trying to squint at the accuracy of the pedometer, questioning if we are X amount of pounds that day or is the scale broken. The digital scales are great for giving accurate measurements and are easy to read, and the smart scales are blue tooth enable, so that you can connect the data for that day to your phone or computer. Weighing in with your model will be so convenient with a digital scale, because you will get the most accurate results!


Dumbbells are one of those tools that we have seen everywhere, whether at the gym or grocery store. They go between two and ten pound weights or higher. They are mostly used for toning your upper body, mainly your arms and chest, and there are so many simple exercises you can perform using dumbbells.

You may or may not have them, but if you don’t, they are definitely handy to have around the house. Dumbbells encourage unilateral exercises, so that your limb’s muscles stay even. Plus, if you are mostly exercising from home, you will notice that most of the home workouts require dumbbells.

Waist Trimmer Belt

Think of a waist trimmer as a new age corset, but instead of it constricting your stomach, it is made to help support your back and improve your posture. The waist trimmer is one of the latest products being used among workout gurus, because of its benefits, as seen above.

Although the tag line for this product is that it helps you “shed excess water weight”, the waist trimmer has other more practical uses that are related to weight loss. For example, it builds heat in your body activating your muscles for a good workout. It will make you more aware of your weight, acting as a motivator to shed the excess pounds. You may start to feel the difference and a little more confident in your waist trimmer; seeing your progress, shape, and comfort due to a good exercise and diet plan!

Body Tape Measure

More women are starting to revert back to one of the original methods for checking their measurements; the body tape measure. Using a body tape measure daily helps you meet your ideal goal for your figure. Treat your tape measure like a scale by creating a set of measurements you want for your body, checking in weekly or daily.

A body tape measure acts as motivation for your bust, hips, and waistline. Unlike a scale where it gives you a summary of your progress, a tape measure allows you to check your progress for each part of your body. This can make you more aware of the shape you want and what exercises or eating habits you need to improve to get there!

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