Building Your Partner: Faith, Hope, Love, and Luck

St. Patrick’s Day is here and most people around the world will be heading to their local bar participating in the the St. Patty’s Day revelry. While some will try to control their alcohol consumption and dawn their flashiest green attire, everyone will be surrounded by cheer and merriment. As we reflect on this joyous day, we looked into the things that symbolize St. Patrick’s Day.

Other than the clover being a rare commodity, each leaf has four meanings: faith, hope, love, and luck. Let’s look at why the four leaf clover is more important than any charm, because of the message it stands for and how we can incorporate that message into our own lives.


When we created the Model My Diet Community, iPhone and Android app, we wanted to promote weight loss through support and acceptance of others.

Like any other company managing a Facebook page, we posted the occasional inspirational quote and before-and-after pictures of past users. However, we had to respect that everyone who started using the app had not found success and were still struggling to reach their goals.

So how do you get people to have faith in their model when they are eager to see the results of their progress?

One of our users Stacy contacted us with a picture of her model with the hopes of getting a little support to reach her goal. Once our Facebook community saw the challenges that Stacy faced in completing that goal, they stepped in to give her the overwhelming support she needed. Their words assured her that she was not alone and gave her the strength to continue on. With the right words of encouragement, we can have faith in reaching our goals and strengthening ourselves through our virtual models.


Like Stacy, some people’s goals are harder to reach than others.We would like to understand everyone’s journey towards weight loss, but just looking at a person’s model does not tell us that user’s story.

The assumption that everyone uses their models solely for weight loss is very limited and is distancing us from our faithful followers. So how do we go beyond the virtual and connect to the spiritual? 

One thing we noticed, is the surprising amount of people who send us personal messages showing us their progress. From images of their models to current photos of themselves. These users give us an insight into why they use their model and how much of a positive impact their model has had on their life.
One of our UK users, who contacted us from the Facebook community, set a personal goal for herself to lose seven stone by New Years 2015. Kathryn Clark, and her model below, contacted us with the hope of raising awareness for Macmillan Cancer and getting personal support for her own model.

Reading her Tumblr inspired us to share her story in the hopes that it will have the same impact on other users that it has on us.


Love is a universal action that is expressed in many different forms. The concept of showing love to your model is still foreign to some of our users.

After all, your model is a virtual reflection of yourself and the person you want to be. Once you create the avatar, how do you stay in touch with “it”?

We pondered this question for some time and got our answer in the form of a love note.

We have written earlier about the impact the love note campaign has had on us and our users, but the message it sends represents our values and intentions for the Model My Diet community. We want to continue showing peace, love, and support, but love starts with oneself. Seeing many followers sending us love notes congratulating their model’s progress reminds us how strong an impact love has on improving one’s self-esteem and image of their model. Our Pinterest board Love Note to My Model proves just that; helping people take the right step towards weight loss.


Some people say luck is when chance and opportunity meet, but was it luck that brought us to our faithful followers? Is it by chance that you encountered these words and felt a heartstring pull as you read them. We can attribute this divine encounter to luck, but we would like to think our users needed us and we needed them.

We are more lucky to get to know our users models daily through love notes and anonymous posts. It reminds us of what our goals are and helps us in the right direction of building of community of supporters who want to promote peace and love amongst each other.
As we come to a close, we want to remember that St. Patty’s day is not just a day to indulge our vices, but to be reminded of the values that can be implemented in our daily lives. 

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from the team at Model My Diet!

Alyssa, From Model My Diet

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