The Love Note to Your Model

It started with a Valentines day surprise and turned into a love note to your model

This past Valentines day, we started a campaign called Love Note to My Model. The original idea behind this campaign was to give users a special gift on our website to celebrate Valentine’s Day. However, what was born was a sacred community of positivity and self growth, where users motivated themselves with beautifully written notes of encouragement and self reflection.

Prior to this campaign, we would look at users’ models trying to find purpose in what we were doing. Did we just want to make another diet app or encompass our moral values within the app? Our goals were always to motivate, support, and educate our users in weight loss, but what the love notes have taught us is that weight loss starts with self-motivation. Our users could never be on the right path if they did not believe in themselves and no amount of support could change their minds if they did not start supporting themselves.

At first, users were just sending notes after seeing their model’s placed in our Valentine’s day card. Seeing so many personal messages inspired us to design the love note like a diary entry, adding the character and humanistic qualities these love notes deserved.

We knew we were heading in the right direction once we saw some of the messages coming in. Some of the notes were shorter than others and some were just limited to one word. Nevertheless, the idea remained the same; people wanted the right encouragement to make that change and they realized that they are their best motivator.

We eventually created a Pinterest board called Love Note To My Model adding people’s models to their love notes. We wanted everyone to see all the love notes people were writing to themselves, so that they would be inspired to participate in the campaign.

At first, all the models were wearing the same dress from the Valentine’s Day surprise, but we wanted our participants to express their individuality by letting them choose their own clothes. Soon enough, participants were comfortable showing their models off in bikinis, short dresses, or casual attire. They felt good about themselves through their models and were reminding their models of how proud of them they were.

After seeing how many love notes transpired, we wanted everyone to join in on the fun of self-motivation by making the love notes more accessible. If you visit the site now, you will see the Love Note tab with a little message encouraging you to self-reflect with your model.

Since the creation of that feature, notes were pouring in with users leaving words of hope and faith in their model and themselves! This is not to say that all the love notes we received were positive, some users were really hard on their models.

Some users hated their model’s body or their slow progress. However, we dedicated our mission to helping those individuals with one-on-one motivation to get them on the right track, so that they could feel good about their models and hopefully themselves!

Once the idea of sending positive affirmations to your model caught on, visitors and existing users everywhere were submitting their messages. Some in languages we wish we had a better understanding of. Nevertheless, women everywhere were telling their models the things they needed to hear. They were building a community of love and support through their heartfelt messages.

Once we saw how our community was growing, we decided to document these experiences. What started as a Valentines day gift developed into a campaign of self-reflection, but it is not over. We still need to reach our goal of spreading peace, love, and support to anyone who has struggled with weight loss or personal insecurities.

We want to help people to accept their beauty and their bodies before they take the next step towards weight loss. It started with a gift and ended with a message. Our hope is that message gets spread across, so that we can go beyond dieting and create a community of Peace, Love, and Support!

Alyssa, Model My Diet
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